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CADSwift Pty Ltd is a small (can we call it boutique?) company specialising in BIM and more specifically ArchiCAD. We don't strive to be the biggest, we just aim to be the best.

Kristian is the brains behind the outfit, with strangely, a love for mathematics and problem solving.  Working within Architectural firms around the country, he soon honed his skills using the software platform, ArchiCAD, discovering his speed and understanding of the program were second to none. 

With experience under his belt and the absolute assurance of his ability he started his own business. CADSwift, specialising in the modification of in-house architectural tools used by Architects that use the software ArchiCAD.  Creating a good name was easy due to his GDL knowledge, speed, ability to think outside the box, and overall no nonsense approach. 

Prior to the explosion of Building Information Modelling (BIM), CADSwift was heavily relied upon for BIM Implementation and Management within many forward thinking Architectural and Design firms within Australia. As the general knowledge of BIM users improved, so did their requirement for more effective processes and quality content. At the forefront of specialty BIM knowledge, CADSwift became highly sort after for the optimisation of BIM execution through intelligent objects (see our online shop). 

CADSwift also assists with customised process optimisations, training and solution designs.

CADSwift’s good reputation soon was recognised and utilised by the large content houses in Australia, as well as the UK, Denmark and the US who host manufacturer products that have been modelled at 3D objects. As the BIM industry was taking off everyone needed objects (representations of their products) created fast to keep up with the demands of the specifier.  CADSwift have created content for OEM’s including GWA (inc. Caroma), Dulux, AWS, Fletcher Building, Kleenmaid, Fisher & Paykel and more.

As BIM Developer for 15 years Kristian has developed and range of protocols for the creation on impeccable BIM. He has also created extensive ArchiCAD GDL Object libraries for many of Australia's top firms.

Although Kristian's main focus is ArchiCAD he has thorough knowledge of most of the leading BIM software. He uses this knowledge to assist companies in collaborating with external consultants and design firms. With the current advancements in BIM technology this is regarded as one of the most important aspects within the industry.

Through CADSwift Kristian is making his knowledge and tools accessible to all design firms, and look forward to seeing our we can get your business on top of the pack.

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