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How to Create Content


Step 1 – Nominate the products you wish to digitize for BIM applications.

This decision should be made based the popularity of individual products; this way you can be certain they will be utilized by specifiers.

Another aspect to consider is the structure of your product ranges; it may provide you with the opportunity to receive more for less. Variations of a product will be less expensive then completely different products; you may be better of BIMing one full range rather than a piece from each.

We can assist you with making this descision based on what the end user will want to see. This will ensure you get the best response for your content and ultimate the greatest return for your investment.


Step 2 – Decide the formats you wish to have your products created in.

The two most popular BIM platforms - Revit and ArchiCAD – should be your starting point. From there you would do well to consider SketchUp which is highly used in the early stages of design and is growing as a BIM option.

Next you will need to consider IFC as a universal format for Project Management software. 

Other platforms worth a mention are Bently and Vectorworks.

Step 3 – Select a BIM content creator and have them design a solution for your product.

We are experts in designing content for ArchiCAD and already have our own library of highly advanced BIM objects that are utilized by designers on all Continent's (less Antarctica, as far as we know).

Although we are experts in ArchiCAD we are affiliated with the top providers of Revit and SketchUp content in Australia. Through our connections we can ensure that you are receiving the highest quality solutions in all formats. This will ensure the greatest level of acceptance by BIM managers and go a long way to making you the brand of choice in design offices.

We can organise all formats so that you only require one point of contact rather then searching for separate consultants for ArchiCAD, Revit, SketchUp, IFC, etcetera.


To discuss BIM Content further simple email us at CadSwift Assist

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