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Issue Resolution



With knowledge of ARCHICAD at a program level, problem solving becomes second nature. Extensive experience in this field means most of the issues you will come across we have already solved for other clients many times over.

As ARCHICAD users we all know that most issues arise in the crucial moments when pushing a deadline; no it is not cruel god tormenting you, it’s simply the fact you are generally putting more pressure on the software and are often using poor techniques just to "get the job done".  These situations are always the easiest to resolve as there are quite a few tricks that will reduce the background processing and hence free up resources and enable you to perform tasks at a greater rate.

Urgent Issues

Through ARCHICAD's BIM Server technology we can directly access your project files and resolve issues from any location. This allows us to fix urgent problems immediately. Once the problem is resolved we will document the issue for you to use as a reference.  If you are not using ARCHICAD's BIM Server then you can simply send us the problematic file - we can provide with a link to the CADSwift Dropbox - and we will review the situation. We can also assist you in setting up your BIM Server if this is a viable solution; it will depend on your hardware and workflows.

 Less Urgent Issues

If the problem is less urgent we prefer to document the issue and the solution so that you can fix it yourself. The obvious benefit of this is that you will improve your knowledge base.

Though we will always explain and document issues; executing the solution yourself results in greater retention of knowledge. It is not our aim to make you reliant on CADSwift but rather empower you to avoid and resolve issues in-house so that you can evolve you workflows - which is what we'd rather help you with.

 Proactive Rather than Reactive

Often we find clients only contact us after wasting several days trying to ignore or work around a problem. We then have to spend several hours resolving the issue before they can continue work. This usually happens the day before the deadline where we have been called in as a last resort.

Ensuring your Future

Obviously you will save a great deal more resources by avoiding issue altogether; to this end we recommend Quarterly and Biannual CADSwift Reviews. In these reviews we analyse current projects and highlight aspects that will, or can, result in issues down the track. The issues and solutions - or more efficient and effective workflows - are documented as project protocols which we advise you include in your company BIM/CAD Manual.  One day working with us will not only avoid wasting resources on problem solving but will also ensure you are working as efficiently as possible.

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