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Library Parts


The most effective way to automate documentation processes is through intelligent parametric Library Parts

The whole purpose of BIM systems is the ability to extrapolate documentation automatically from a building model.

GDL objects simplify the documentation of detailed building elements such as openings, fixtures and much more.

CADSwift Library Parts

Library Parts currently being developed cover a range of items from joinery elements to roof fixtures/furniture to circulation elements.

The CADSwift series of Library Parts will eventually cover every 3D or 2D element other than the basic modeling tools provided by ArchiCAD.

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Kristian can also built custom library parts on request. So if you're wishing for an intelligent library part to automate a process you hate performing; email Kristian and he will contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Why use CADSwift Library Parts?

  • CADSwift library parts are GDL objects that you load into a project file as you do the standard libraries. They are NOT complex "add ons" that require adjustments every time a new version of ArchiCAD is released.
  • CADSwift Library Parts are designed to automate as many documentation processes as possible, so that you can focus more on the design and leave the boring stuff to ArchiCAD.
  • CADSwift Library Parts greatly enhance the quality, speed and accuracy of both 2D & 3D documentation within ArchiCAD.
  • Each library part is simple to use and contains all the necessary information for all areas of documentation relevant to that item.
  • Each library part contains the necessary variables to apply to any situation (within reason).
  • Each library part is scripted so as to comply with BCA Requirements and Australian Standards. This eliminates the need for CAD operators to refer to these documents to ensure the particular building element complies.
  • CADSwift library parts are scripted in an intelligent way to minimize the time it takes to generate the necessary documentation views.
  • CADSwift Library parts are developed so users can nominate a variety of different aspects in regards to the client company’s documentation standards and styles.

Subscription Library Parts

All Library parts are a subscription. You will have Free access to download the part everytime it is updated for the period of 1 year. Library parts will be Updated regularly to improve functionality and capability. Every year you will be offered the opportunity to renew you subscription.

CADSwift library parts are highly detailed for all levels of documentation, however, feedback is sought to ensure the library parts satisfy all user requirements. This gives you the opportunity to influence all CADSwift Library Parts.

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