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Optimize - The Swift Method


  • Impeccable management of BIM systems using ArchiCAD.
  • The most efficient way to train your staff.
  • The most effective way to ensure the quality and accuracy of your BIM and documentation.
  • The fastest way to achieve true BIM's.
  • The most effective way to safeguard yourself against slow and problematic file operations within ArchiCAD.
  • The most efficient and effective way to optimise your documentation system.

Simply put, the Swift Method is a complete solution for optimising, managing and developing your documentation system and team.



As a BIM Systems Manager and Developer for more then a decade I know the importance of optimising efficiency whilst ensuring the quality and accuracy of your BIM and resulting documentation.

For years I have trained ArchiCAD user groups from a mix of large and small companies and felt that it was an inefficient use of company time. In the rare occasions when training groups that have never used ArchiCAD, or when training a specific group in a specific process, the training is extremely beneficial. However, when trying to manage a team of CAD users with varying capabilities, general training is extremely inefficient; you will always be wasting someones time.

The Swift Method achieves pinpoint training, eliminates the need to spend company time on training sessions, and immediately speeds up documentation processes. It also identifies individual’s strengths and weaknesses to assist in task delegation.

I have also spent a lot of time creating templates, and library parts, only to find that they are being poorly used despite the fact that they come with a detailed user manual.

Instead, the Swift Method monitors process protocols. It identifies and defines necessary protocols specific to each individual companies current and desired use of ArchiCAD. It gives you full control, with very little effort, over exactly how your CAD team uses ArchiCAD.


What is the Method? 

The Swift Method contains many independent steps allowing you full control over which methods you choose to implement. Basically, we start on the road to improving your system and based on the detailed advice I will give you - explaining the full impact of each step - you control the speed and direction.

The following is a summary of the main steps in the Swift Method:

Step 1 - Hardware Analysis: This determines the capabilities of your office computers and server machines in regards to their ability to perform ArchiCAD processes.

Step 2 - ArchiCAD Template Review: In this step I review your ArchiCAD Template and advise you on all the different options you have to improve the templates functionality. To assit you in nominating the improvements you wish to implement, the template review document will include detailed explanations of the impact of each improvement.

Step 3 - Template Optimising: Following on from the template review, I will assist you in implementing the improvements you nominate.

Step 4 - Company Specific CAD Manual: In this step I review your companies CAD Manual (if you have one) and add to it to include protocols for the use of template improvements implemented in step 3.

Step 5 - Tools Analysis: Review of your use of ArchiCAD Libraries and Add-ons and advise you on the best practices for the use of these elements. Libraries are number 2 on the list of reasons for problematic file operations (speed issues and file crashes). Agreed protocols will be added to your Company CAD Manual.

Step 6 - Process Analysis: Analyse the ArchiCAD files of a selection of your typical projects (preferably live projects) to determine exactly how you achieve your required documentation. From this I produce Project Review documents which detail the inefficient processes being used and advise of more efficient and more powerful methods.

Step 7 - Process Protocols: The improved processes that you nominate will be documented as a process protocol and added to you Company CAD Manual.

Step 8 - Periodic Project Reviews: This is the final step in the Swift Method and it is also the most crucial. To Achieve the full benefits of theSwift Method you need to implement Project Reviews (as per step 6), which are performed at project milestones, as a standard practice. I will perform the initial (2 or 3) Project Reviews until we have developed a comprehensive set of process protocols. I will then create a Project Review Checklist so that you can perform the Project Reviews in office.

At the end of implementing the Swift Method you will have:

  • An impeccable system capable of utilising all advancements in ArchiCAD.
  • Documented process protocols covering the most efficient methods for achieving your required documentation.
  • Resources to maintain and enforce the new system.
  • Tools and a system to improve the knowledge base of your CAD users without spending company time on training.



During and beyond the Swift Method I will be able to provide you with the highest quality of support you could hope for. This will typically be achieved through ArchiCAD's BIM Server which allows me to view issues directly and resolve them for you from a remote location. This is extremely efficient and highly effective support; which means problems can be resolved within the hour rather than the week. In urgent situation I will be able to make the necessary changes to solve the problem for you. In less urgent situations I will document the procedure required to solve the issue so that you can perform the task yourself and hence improve the knowledge and skill base of your staff.


To discuss the Swift Method further simply email us at CadSwift Assist


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