Pricing & Development

Before you make an investement in CADSWIFT tools you will want to know a few things. Below are details on the following:
  • Pricing and how the subscription process works
  • How the tools and the users will be supported
  • Maintenence and Development plans.

    For several years we have been developing a function within GDL objects that produces significant result in the management of geometry, data, and representation.

    We have enabled modelling components to assume the gemetry and data of any building product, or custom predefined configuration, in an instant.

    Hence you can manage your project components and sub components in a global and intelligent way, driven by external data.

    These processes are now implement by firms both large and small from all over the world.

    To serve these firms by continuing to develop the tools and also provide direct assistance and support we must generate sufficient revenue. Hence we have adopted a 12 month subscription model for our libraries, at a pricing point that is very affordable.

    The objects created at CADSWIFT will save you their cost many times over in just the basic efficiencies gained on a single project


    To provide a high level of support and development for the CADSWIFT toolset we have moved to a compulsory subscription model.

    The prices given are for 12 month subscriptions.

    When your subscription expires the tool will "lock". When this occurs it will still exist in ARCHICAD as a complete and responsive model (and data) element as last edited within the project file. However, you will not be able to do any further editing as the critical parameters will be locked. To unlock your tool you simply need to resubscribe, which only takes a matter of moments.

    The pricing is also affected by the number of ARCHICAD licenses your office holds. In this way it is similar to other providers however our pricing is a lot kinder. For instance;

    Infinite Openings:

    1 license = $248/license/yr

    100 licenses = $16/license/year

    When making a purchases be sure to state your number of ARCHICAD liceneses in the "Qty" field



    Some of the other important reasons our methods are the best:

  • Our "GDL not API" rule eliminates version dependency for auto compatibility with the latest ARCHICAD.
  • The ability to view the tool in the model without a subscription enables sharing with external consultants.
  • When you archive a file the tool will embed with all other GDL objects, maintaining your model entirely.

  • Support

    Our tools are complex as we require them to do quite a lot, and we know this means it can take some time to learn how to use them. So we will be providing a lot more support for these complex and very capable tools.


    Each tool will have a short promotional style demo clip as well as several detailed instructional videos covering every function. This will take some time but it will be fun sharing them with you bit by bit and getting your feedback - so make sure you follow us on twitter.png and YouTube.png.

    We will also regularly be uploading videos which demonstrate unique functions, specifically complex or interesting arrangements as well as responses to faq's


    When you subscribe to a new tool we will contact you personally - politely via email - to offer you free guidence in using the tool.

    You will from this point have a direct line of contact to me via email (the one I actually check personally and is with me constantly) and also my phone (we dont have to specify "mobile" anymore these days do we - I suppose some offices still use landlines, cringe).


    I will also be helping out a bit more in the community so your sure to see me on Archicad - Talk as well as posting all sorts of helpful information on SM including our facebook.jpg page. So make sure you follow, connect and all that stuff.

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    Baby brown trout trying to jump some debris

    After spending a long time in the world of manufacturers BIM content - trying to make sure we have access to lots of quality product objects - I am now motivated to focus completely on highly functional generic content.

    Lets face it, the way manufacturer's content is created, even by myself, quite primitive and clumsy when you look at it broadly. So rather than being part of the problem I want to be the solution. Therefore I am stepping away from manufacturer's content in the traditional form and focussing on tools that actually greatly improve your processes as well as open up new potentials.

    This however is only part of my drive. The other part stems from what I have touched on above regarding new discoveries in GDL capabilities. The last few years has seen the burning of a lot of midnight oil - as some of you on twitter have witnessed in my feverish dribble on new discoveries in the early hours of the morning - and the results have been well worth it.

    I have discovered techniques within GDL that have pushed the capabilities - with regards geometry and data control - to the highest level possible. GDL is amazing. What I will be releasing will change the perception of how we work with BIM content. It will create a paradigm shift that eliminates all the issues we currently face, and its does so with 5% of the effort; GDL really is quite amazing.

    Incorporating the CADSWIFT toolset into your workflows will enable the greatest capabilities based on traditional methods at a price that easily beats all others, but this is only the beginning as there is a change on the way that you will want to be part of.

    This will not be just for comapnies pushing the use of BIM, or a special tool that only some need. Rather it will be a dramatic advancement in the way you work with a lot of your elements in the ARCHICAD model. These advancement will streamline and automate a lot of standard processes, of course, but they will also empower you in ways I cannot go into at the moment.

    Following on from the Infinite Openings tool I will be releasing a few other tools with similar capabilities. Next off the rank will be the Infinite Joinery tool which you can expect to see by the end of August this year(2017). In this tool there will be some surprises that will start to reveal what I have been so vague about above.

    Stay tuned for all that is to come.