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BCS provides the full range of services for all aspects of ArchiCAD use.


For new users requiring an ArchiCAD Template or existing users looking to optimize their Template; please click on the Templates link above. All BCS Templates have a detailed User Manual.

Library Parts

If you are looking for advanced parametric Library Parts to enhance documentation speed, accuracy and quality; please click on the Library Parts link above.

Project Assistance

If you are looking for an advanced ArchiCAD user to consult as a CAD manager and/or documenter on a specific project(s); please click on the Project Assistance link above.


If you would like to find out about training options on any aspect of ArchiCAD for all levels of users from novice to advanced, and groups of any size; please click on the Training link above.

Implementing Archicad

If you are currently using another CAD package and are considering implementing ArchiCAD, to move into the world of BIM's; please click on the Implement ArchiCAD link above.

Online Shop

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