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As the corner stone of any BIM workflow, impeccable templates are crucial in utilising the full potential of ARCHICAD. CADSwift has developed and managed ARCHICAD templates for several of Australia's top design firms for over 10 years. Consequently, we have heightened knowledge and skills in accommodating improved functionality and emerging technologies. 

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Though we can provide quality preset templates, it is generally more efficient to review and optimise your current template. This allows greater functionality to be implemented with the shortest adjustment period for your users. For many aspects affected by template configuration there is no actual "adjustment period", you merely gain access to greater potential.

Most of the greater "potential & functionality" is aimed at automating documentation and improving embedded data. There are many new functions in ARCHICAD 20 that make it far more powerful than previous versions. These new functionalities will have to be managed, in the same way other Element Attributes are managed, in order to ensure they actually do speed up your documentation processes.

NEW ARCHICAD USER - If you are migrating your workflows to ARCHICAD and don't have a company template then you will need to have your current documentation protocols reviewed to ensure a template can be created incorporating as much of you current systems as possible.

EXISTING ARCHICAD USER - If you wish to explore ways to improve your workflows then your current template is the first place to start. A quick review of your existing template will reveal the potentials that are not yet exploited.

To discuss Templates further simply email us at swift@cadswift.com.au 

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