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Multifunctional dwelling complex on Mosfilmovskaya street, Moscow, Russia Sergey Skuratov Architects www.skuratov-arch.ru Photo © Ilya Ivanov

Luke Johnson - BRITEX

Kristian has been, and will continue to be, responsible for creating all ArchiCAD content for Britex.

Kristian’s work is, without exception, received favourably by our architecture and design clients. The ArchiCAD content he creates for us is done so with a comprehensive understanding of BIM, of D&C processes, of what we are trying to achieve as a manufacturer and what our clients want.

Kristian is not only great from a technical standpoint, but he is an excellent educator. My experience with Kristian is that, when posed with a question, or where a decision needs to be made, he is always happy (and patient enough) to make a recommendation and explain the “why”, rather than simply saying “just because”, allowing us as the manufacturer to contribute to the decision-making process and take greater ownership of the content that is being created. This education also allows us to much better engage our clients with respect to explaining exactly what we are able to provide them.

Importantly for me, I can allocate a content creation project to Kristian and not have to worry if it’s going to get done properly or not, or have to spend time QA’ing the models after they’re received. I can be confident it will be done well and our clients will ultimately be appreciative of the service we’re providing them.

Working with Kristian is always an absolute pleasure.


Luke Johnston

Marketing and Development Manager


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