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After almost 10 years training large and small groups in all aspects of ARCHICAD we have moved away from traditional training methods to promote a more efficient approach.

There are still good reasons for dedicated group training sessions but we find generally the most beneficial approach is to train through live projects. This way the knowledge is better understood and retained and projects don't have to sit on the shelf while the training takes place.

Group Training - New Users 

Regardless of the size of a group it is important to incorporate the training into daily duties by nominating a live project. We can incorporate the training group into the project by delegating tasks based on level of knowledge.

A day or two may be required to cover the basic processes of modelling and documentation.

Group Training - Novice to Intermediate Users 

Once again, the best way to train this group is on live projects. By reviewing work already performed (assuming the novice users have some modelling capabilities) is the best way to pinpoint deficiencies in individual's knowledge. This allows the training to be far more effective.

Group Training - Function Specific 

We regularly design training modules based on client’s requests for knowledge on specific ARCHICAD functions. It may be a simple as learning how to use zones or as complex as creating property objects and external databases to control project data.

If you have a desire to use ARCHICAD in any specific way we can teach you the most effective workflows and tailor it your requirements.

1 on 1 Tuition

For professionals or students who require a fast way to improve their skill set, we can provide dedicated tuition in any or all aspects of ARCHICAD.

All training sessions are performed at your premises provided you have the facilities.

To request training simply email us at swift@cadswift.com.au

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