Infinite Ceilings

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Product Description

A GDL Object that is simple to use yet extremely effective for most ceiling requirements. It is a tool that boasts a complex and powerful background delivering optimal results in a user friendly and simple manner focusing on intuitive automation.

Main Features:

  • GDL Object not an API
    • No service and future compatibility requirements (no steps to perform in software updates)
    • More automation = more speed
    • No time delay
  • Dynamic Arrays 
    • A system of relationships that can expand efficiently
    • Establish the values for one element of a certain type, automating the establishment of each subsequent of that same type. For example, add a node to the boundary and all affected elements respond accordingly
  • Dynamic Hot Spots
    • Modelling in free form no user interface/parameter list. Sha[e the elements in a more moulding manipulate shape environment akin to the way a designer would work sculptor craftsman
  • Precise Geometry
    • All geometry utilise complex equations, enabling absolute exact quantities
    • Able to be relied upon for cutting lists
    • Straight from the designer to the physical cutting manufacture process
  • Model View Options / LOD Controls
    • Automate different levels of detail for varying outputs
    • Select "fine" and complete details will appear; select "coarse" and a simple outline will display

Compatible with ARCHICAD versions 19 onwards.

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