Infinite Openings

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Product Description

Simply the most capable Window, Door & Skylight tool for ARCHICAD.

Watch the demo clip to see all its functionality.

Compatible with version 19 onwards

Feature - Polygon Shape

Feature - Skewed Divisions

Feature - Custom Frame Profiles

Updated User Interface


Feature - Corner Windows


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Product Reviews

  1. Runs rings around the rest. No question!

    Posted by Andrew Kleidon on 1st Jul 2020

    Cadswift has developed a product that is a one-stop shop for windows and doors. This is the most powerful tool I have come across in my 17 years of using Archicad. Not only can you model any window or door that you can think of, but due to the way Cadswift have configured their tool, you can schedule every component that makes up the window or door, which is a valuable feature when you wish to audit your model.

    The product comes loaded with AssaAbloy products complete with codes so modeling and specifying a product is as easy as selecting the specific door you want and placing it in the building model.

    The product allows complete flexibility so you can create, save and name your own custom configurations - in effect, building your own library - of frequently used window or door (or window and door) assemblies for use across your whole office, regardless of how bespoke or standardised your designs may typically be.

    I will say the learning curve was pretty steep and the user interface takes a little bit of getting used to, but it was definitely worthwhile spending a couple of weeks becoming familiar with the way the tool works. I quickly formed a list of questions and thought I'd test the "contact us" link, expecting it to be a typical dead end where questions go to die... To my surprise however, the "contact us" link is monitored and the director still gets his hands dirty and is responsive and supportive in answering questions.

    Cadswift has a Youtube channel with a number of short helpful tutorial videos (as well as an epic full explanation version (well worth watching IMO). You can also subscribe to receive notifications of new videos when they are released.

    I rarely write product reviews, but my experience using the Infinite Openings tool is definitely something that is worth sharing with others. Everyone should have Infinite Openings in their office toolbox. I'm now considering exploring the other tools that Cadswift offer. If the experience is anything like the Infinite Openings I'll be hooked.

  2. An essential tool

    Posted by Quinton Cooper (Cottee Parker Architects) on 1st Jul 2020

    Infinite Openings is an essential tool that solves many of the long term challenges Archicad users face with doors and windows.

  3. Best Window/Door Opening Object on the Market

    Posted by Bradley Madison on 1st Mar 2018

    This is hands down the best object I have seen for any Opening in ARCHICAD. Simple to learn interface, custom opening options and the ability to schedule everything. I took an existing project that had 88 various out of the box windows that were ganged horizontally and vertically and reduced them to 22 window units including several custom shapes. Original window elevation showed 88 individual windows with no reference in how they worked together. Now with this object I can schedule each unit as a hole showing fixed and operable panels. A must have object in your library.